About us

You will almost certainly say, “Why do I need an accounting organization? I can take an accountant!” Of course you can! However, for start-uppers it will be an essential item of expenditure- accountant’s wages and taxes on it, his working place( furniture, computer, office equipment), software(1C, Consultant), and their monthly service. All these translates into a decent cost, which does not bring profit.

Or so say “Why do I need to be provided accounting services? I can keep accounting myself!” Of course you can. However, this job will eat up a lot of precious time and nerves.

Bookkeeping is important, but it does not bring profit. Your time is worth more, spend it on the main activity. Use of accounting services organizations in Chisinau remains the most economical (in terms of your time and your money) option.

We provide accounting services since 1998 ( accounting maintenance and restoration, the provision of other accounting services) for enterprises of all forms of ownership, including foreign companies and their representatives. With each year the accounting services are increasing in demand, which requires our organization to continuously improve quality and service.

Experts’ qualification from auditing company “ Audit-DATA” and constant monitoring of the legislative framework ensures a correct accounting, which is reflected on minimization of penalties from regulatory authorities, and, of course on correct possibilities of financial management at your enterprise.

A professional accounting will make you feel firm grounded on your feet, and care only about the development of your business.

And the cost of the accounting services depends only on the number of operations and features of your business. You do not have to pay the common to all tariff, this way you won’t overpay for work that had not been maintained. And, what is also important, our office( with parking lots) is located in the center of Chisinau.

What accounting services do we offer?

Company “Audit-DATA” provides accounting services to companies from different sectors of economic activity. Our aim is to provide complex services for tax management and accounting.


Monthly accounting services. It includes:

  • Obtain primary documents from the client’s registry;
  • Processing of primary documents through accounting software 1C;
  • Checking availability and correctness of registration of primary documents in accordance with the law;
  • Possibility of preparing payment orders to the bank;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for the bank, including documents for currency control;
  • Preparation of reports to STI;
  • Preparation of reports to National Social Insurance House;
  • Preparation of reports to NHIC;
  • Training in reporting to Department of Statistics;
  • Preparation of accounting politics for accounting and tax reports;
  • Organization of documents;
  • Visits to public organizations to provide explanations on the rapports and participation in tax audits;

The goal of our work – organizing your company’s accountancy, control over the conduct of accountancy, consulting on current issues, making of rapports according to the law.

The result of our work – a full set of accounting records for the past period.

Restoration of accounting and taxation.

The goal of our work – restoration of accounting for the period, including all business operations and wiring, formation of the adjusted accounting and tax reporting and its protection at IRS and other organizations.

The result of our work – restoration of business operations and a full-formed set of revised accounting documentation sent to accordingly receiving organizations.

Setting of accountancy and tax accountancy;


Company “Audit-DATA” offers high-quality accounting services to:

  • Newly created companies.
  • Already existing companies.
  • Companies with foreign capital.
  • Representative offices and branches of foreign companies.
  • Individual entrepreneurs.


  • System of control over provided services of accountancy;
  • Information security system;
  • Unlike other accounting firms on the market of Republic of Moldova, the company “Audit-DATA” is fully liable of the damage with documentary evidence.
  • The cost of our services applies to expenses, thus you save on income tax.

Our specialist will answer all your questions, and then together with you will determine the sequence of further actions.

Cooperation with the company “Audit-DATA” is a guarantee of high quality and efficient services.